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Tirey Law Nov. 16, 2017

Plant growing in handPeople who want to have their remains in an environmentally friendly manner have not been presented with many options.  There is a new cremation method which may be the answer.

Some people today are more concerned about their environmental footprint than ever before.  They are even willing to pay more for cleaner cars, even if those cars go slower than others.

People will go out of their way to recycle their garbage and use green products.  Until now, however, people who wanted an environmentally friendly final resting place did not have many options.

The best option for most people is to get an easily biodegradable casket, but not all funeral homes offer them.

California has recently passed a law that will give its residents another option, as Fox News reports in "California looks to 'green-ify' death after Brown signs water cremation bill."

Traditional cremation requires a fire that produces carbon emissions and uses fossil fuel.

A new cremation method uses an alkaline solution heated to 300 degrees that liquefy human remains. Instead of producing ashes, the remains are a brown liquid substance that resembles maple syrup. The method does not use fossil fuels and does not emit carbon.

California is the 15th state to allow this form of water-cremation.  If this method becomes popular there, it may move to other states before too long.

If you would like to have an environmentally friendly end to your life, you may soon have another option available.

Reference: Fox News (Oct. 19, 2017) "California looks to 'green-ify' death after Brown signs water cremation bill."