Guardianships & Conservatorships Attorney in Thornton, Colorado

When your family member becomes incapacitated or reaches an age when he or she is no longer able to make decisions for himself or herself they may need a Guardian or Conservator to help them. In Colorado, when an individual becomes incapacitated, the Court will appoint a Guardian to make decisions regarding the personal and medical care of the individual and a Conservator to manage the individual’s finances.

The Guardian and Conservator may be the same person or different people depending on the circumstances. We often refer to this process as “Living Probate.” Our firm increases your odds of avoiding this type of lawsuit by providing advance planning. Nevertheless, there may be circumstances when a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship is necessary. In which case, we can take your case to the Court to secure a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship for you or your loved one.